• You get 16 tons

    The gym has been going from strength to strength recently. Partly due to me banging the drum a bit louder than usual, but credit is also due to the fighters who are getting our name out there and having it associated with quality Muay Thai.

    We have a dedicated bunch of committed fighters who are really pushing themselves hard and trying to improve. And there really is only one way to improve, in fact, it is the secret to martial arts competence, but you’re not gonna like it… Consistent, hard work.

    The title for this blog post is from an old Johnny Cash song about repetitive, monotonous work and how it grinds you down over time, and when there’s no goal or end in sight, it can be tedious. But in Thai boxing, there is a point to all the repetition. If you can get your head around those three words I ended the last paragraph with, the world is yours to take. Pay close attention to the first word though, it’s the most important. The hardest workout ever, is of no use if you don’t come back tomorrow. And the next day. And the one after that.

    See you all tomorrow.

    And the day after that…

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