Intense, full-body training

This class is an intense blend of kettlebells, calisthenics, barbells and core workouts. This class uses the same program that the professional fight team in the Thai Boxing gym use to maintain an 85% win rate, on the pro circuit. We cater to all levels and the instructors will show you how to fine tune the workout based on your individual goals.


Medium – High

Suitable for

All levels


Strength & Stamina

Class Benefits





Fat Burning




What to bring to class

  • Water bootle
  • Towel
  • Loose-fitting gym clothes
  • Lifting gloves if needed

Get Started

What to know for your first Bootcamp

The evening body blast workout is a mix of many disciplines that change constantly to ensure that every day provides a new challenge. As with our other fitness classes, the syllabus is scalable to fit any fitness level, so all levels of athlete can participate in the same class

Class Prices

10 Punch Pass
1-Month Pass
Monthly Direct Debit
3 Month Pass
1-Year Pass